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The University of the Heart is a two-year program in the art and science of meditation and its application to every aspect of your life. As more than half of the program is online text, audio and video, the program can be done part-time, from home, while you maintain your job and relationships. Objective:The objective of the program is to develop in you the skill and understanding of mysticism that will lead you to the mystical state of “Illumination." You will learn advanced meditation practices that transform your self and your world, and our experiential tests will give you confidence to apply the various energies of Love in your life -- how to heal and transform people and situations by changing the flow of energy within your heart. The reach of your heart can extend to your family, friends, acquaintances, and beyond -- there is no boundary to your heart. The Basis of the School: The material is drawn from every tradition that honors the heart, particularly those mystics that have actually experienced the Heart of All and left instructions for us to follow. We especially draw on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rumi, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, St. Francis, the Christian Desert Fathers, and the Egyptian Hierophants. This teaching is interpreted by the living teachers of the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart (IAMheart), Susanna and Puran Bair.
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