6 Powers That You Will Always Have (And Why They’re All You’ll Ever Need)

by Asatar Bair on June 9, 2010

Each of us possesses incredible powers. If these powers are used, there are truly no limits to what we can become, what we can accomplish, what we can endure, and who we can be. One of the great breakthroughs of the book Energize Your Heart is its discussion of the 6 Powers.

The power of the universe flows through you

These powers are:

  1. Attention. You can always choose what you pay attention to. And this is a great power, if only we can do it. This is the power of concentration, the key to every accomplishment. This power can never be taken away. You can always choose what you focus on. And what you focus on makes a big difference. In Heart Rhythm Meditation, we focus on the heart, in order to open it, heal it, and to realize that the heart contains all.
  2. Position. As in the position of your body, your posture. Your body’s position affects how your muscles work, the strain on your bones, your organ function, and the way that energy moves through your body, which affects your thinking, and your emotions. Good thing you can choose how to position your body.
  3. Sensation. It may seem odd to say sensation is one of your powers. We are bombarded by different sensations as we move through life, but you can use sensation as a power through self-generated sounds, which create vibration in your body which can be tuned and directed as you choose.
  4. Inspiration. It’s wonderful that the word for the in-breath is the same as the word for that which lifts you up in hope and greatness. You can control your breath. You decide if your breath is to be shallow or deep, rapid or slow, jagged or smooth. And your breath is a very powerful way to change your state of being.
  5. Intention is a power that depends on what you set out to do. A little story about the power of intention: my youngest brother went to one of our fire walking events, and he set his intention to walk across the hot coals (measured at about 700 degrees). He walked, and didn’t get burned (not even a blister); it didn’t seem like a big deal to him. He was like, ‘OK, I walked across some hot coals’. But then, a week later, during a barbecue, a single piece of charcoal fell onto our lawn, and he didn’t see it. He stepped on it and burned himself. It wasn’t as hot; it was just one piece. But his intention wasn’t to walk on hot coals, so he was burned. You see the same power in martial artists who specialize in breaking stones with their hands. In Japan, the word for intention is the same as the word for energy, ki.
  6. Invocation. Who or what are you calling upon? This power is probably the least understood of the 6 powers. If we only knew that we could draw upon pure courage, wisdom, or love, by calling upon a great being who has embodied one of these qualities, like Christ or Buddha.

What’s also not very well known is that these 6 Powers that we all have, and that no one can take away from us, are also all we need to realize our true nature: that we are God, walking the earth.

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