Breathing For A Better World

by Asatar Bair on January 13, 2012

Puran Bair, co-founder of IAM Heart and co-author of Living from the Heart, has written a wonderful eBook called Breathing For A Better World. This eBook is a true gem. It’s only 15 pages, but each line is packed with such wisdom that you could contemplate it for weeks. Here’s an excerpt from the eBook about breathing problems which has a brief story:

The second most common breathing problem is holding the exhalation: after breathing out, but not completely, the breath stops for several seconds. This is a physical expression of the emotion that says, I don’t want to be here, as I am, doing this. We call it the death breath, as it is an unconscious wish to be without life. Breath is life.

My friend Simon used to regularly feel as though he was about to fall asleep during important meetings. In spite of many doses of caffeine and sugar, in many meetings he felt it was all he could do to stay awake, which impaired his ability to pay attention to the issues under discussion.

After learning meditation, he realized he had been holding his exhalation, perhaps because the meetings both bored him with
their endless discussion, and stressed him out because he felt his career was on the line. Practicing meditation allowed him to notice when he interrupted his breathing in this way, and to respond by extending his exhalation to the end.

The idea that you could have an impact on the world through your breathing is an incredible thought, yet it’s explored with great insight in Breathing For A Better World; at only $2.95, it is our most affordable product.

Yours in the One Heart,


p.s. Puran is giving a free webinar on Thursday, 1/19, called How Your Heart Grows — don’t miss it!

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