Can You Help Another Person Concentrate?

by Asatar Bair on February 1, 2012

Here’s an interesting question I got the other day:

Here’s my question. My son is taking a difficult test, the SAT this Sunday. I would like to show my son that meditation can help focus but I don’t want to tell him I want to do service towards him by sending him stamina and attention to detail while he takes the test. I also want him to find the challenge pleasurable. Can I do this through Heart Rhythm Meditation? Any suggestions? Any is this unethical if it gives him an unfair advantage? Will you help me? –RG

I like this question because it shows that you are looking to connect your inner work with Heart Rhythm Meditation to the immediate needs of those you care about. There is no question that you can send energy to others to help them in all sorts of ways.

I would prefer to tell someone that I’m sending them heart energy. I would explain in some detail what it means to me. People often appreciate knowing that you’re doing this; it would take a great deal of experience with energetic work to recognize that someone was sending you energy from a distance.

On the issue of is it ethical, my feeling is that it is ethical to send energy to someone to help them succeed as long as that person’s success does not occur at the expense of someone else. There are many different kinds of advantage and disadvantage; one student may receive private coaching that other students cannot afford. Another student may feel unloved, which saps his confidence. Receiving the concentrated dose of love and support of your heart energy, strengthened many times over by your breath, heartbeat, and attention, is indeed an advantage. But I don’t think it is an unfair one, because doesn’t break any rules, but is simply part of life.

There are some competitive endeavors where not everyone can win. People often pray and direct their thoughts and feelings toward one team or another in professional sports, where a win can only mean a loss for the other team. I think this is ethical as long as what you pray for is for the player or team to play at their best. It’s certainly not good to send anyone negative energy, such as wish for failure or any sort of injury.

Your question about ethics means you take seriously the power of your heart, which is very important. May your son perform at his highest level, and may he be successful in pursuing his dreams.

Yours in the One Heart,

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