How To Heal Your Heart

by Puran Bair on December 14, 2010

You can learn a method to resolve the fear, anxiety, disappointment, abandonment or abuse of the past or present and restore your natural optimism, joy and creativity. Our method uses your own inner energy directed by your breath.

Every heart has some kind of wound.

Everyone I have ever met has some wound in their heart; that is, there was some event — a severe disappointment, abuse or trauma — in the past, that in the present inhibits their ability to receive or express their heart’s love or guidance.

For example:

  • A failure to achieve what one set out to accomplish may so paralyze a person that (s)he becomes averse to risk.
  • An abusive spouse may cause one to lose their own self-respect and inner power.
  • The neglect of a parent may result in a child’s self-neglect.

Part of one’s wound is in the memory, and memory is stored throughout the body, not only in the brain. But there is a part of the wound that is emotional and energetic. Even after the traumatic event has been forgotten, the wound may still be limiting one’s behavior. Or, a person may explore that event in therapy, and even become a therapist in the pursuit of understanding their wounding, and still suffer the consequences of the wound in their health, relationships and accomplishments.

There is a new branch of psychology called Energy Psychology, and our method at IAM Heart is an example of Energy Psychology. We have found that forgiveness and integration of a wounding event requires an energetic healing; neither forgetting the event nor concentrating upon the event will erase it from one’s heart so that one’s body and behavior are free of it.

If the heart can store an event energetically and emotionally, where is the wound stored? There are 40,000 neurons in the heart, but that’s not enough to hold memory as well as perform the calculations and operations that control the heartbeat. Another clue is that the emotional wounds of the heart operate more quickly than cognition. Experiments have shown that when a person is presented with an emotional trigger, a change in heartbeat occurs milliseconds before a change in brainwaves.

When we ask people to describe their heart’s wounds after a meditation called “Diving into the Heart”, they often describe a complex, three-dimensional image with holes, flares, spots of heat and cold, color and texture. It seems that they are “seeing” a structure that they feel within and around themselves. One day, a picture of the magnetic fields of the sun inspired me and gave me this answer: the wounds of the heart are stored in the heart’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field of the sun feels similar to how we feel the magnetic field of the heart.

This picture of the sun’s magnetic field may be similar to the human magnetic field. Amazingly, the sun’s magnetism has been much more extensively measured than any person’s magnetism. Clues that the solar body might be magnetically similar to the human body are the frequent references in the poetry of the Sufis to the miniature sun in the chest. Our second book, Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions, is based on our observations that the heart’s magnetic field takes many different shapes in space. Sometimes the heart’s magnetism extends far to the front, or far to one side, and this asymmetry results in different personality types. We have not tried to measure small areas of the magnetic field, analogous to a sunspot on the sun, but we feel such holes and flares in ourselves and others.

To heal the wounds of the heart energetically, as they are actually stored as energy, we need to smooth out the magnetic field, filling in the magnetic holes of despair and folding in the magnetic flares of anxiety and rage. To change energy, we need to apply energy. Many things affect the magnetic field, but the best way to heal it is through meditation on energy flowing through the heart.

At IAM Heart, we use four kinds of energy that flow in different directions and have different effects. The ancients called these energies Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Today we know them also as types of subtle energy, or spirit. One kind of wound can be healed by Fire energy, another by Water energy; Earth energy calms all flares of disturbance, and Air energy evens out the energy field.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the Four Elements to bring about the energetic, emotional healing of the heart’s wounds, IAM Heart offers webcourse 102: The Four Elements. All our webcourses run forĀ 8-weeks, and are taught on on a quarter system, with classes starting starting in January, March, May, and September of each year. (There is a prerequisite for this course, which is 101: Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation.) The theory of the four subtle energies is presented in detail, but more importantly, you will learn and practice a meditation that turns on each of the Element Energies. Directing these energies through your heart will result in a healing of the magnetic memory of your heart’s wounds.

Blessings for your heart’s full healing,

Puran Bair


Asatar Bair December 14, 2010 at 12:33 pm

I love the image of the heart as a sun, with solar flares, sunspots, and holes. What a beautiful, complex thing the sun is, when you really look at it, and the same for the miracle that is the human heart.

Jane June 24, 2011 at 9:40 pm

I had the opportunity to try the heart mediation yesterday. What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for what you do.

Asatar Bair July 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Hi Jane,
Great! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comment

gayle October 3, 2012 at 1:40 am

As a united humanity qwe must heal the earth with magnetism of heart.

Asatar Bair October 4, 2012 at 2:14 pm

thank you for your comment, Gayle

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