Let the Desert Bloom!

by Asatar Bair on June 25, 2012

[Photo courtesy of Eric Vondy]

Even a desert blooms after a rain. Water is an ancient metaphor for love, for water flows, water is abundant, the flow of water is purifying, just as the stream of love is purifying.

If only we were able to appreciate the tremendous power of love!

Even small actions, done from love, can make a huge impact. The same goes for our words, and even our thoughts.

And there is another way to water the heart of another: to go into your practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, to sit in silence, breathing through your heart, feeling your heartbeat (or if you cannot feel it, imagining your heartbeat also has benefit), and sending the breath of your heart, with light and love, to the heart of another.

There is truly no end to the amount of love you can send, and the magic of love is that it is an endlessly overflowing vessel, re-filled even as you pour your love out into the hearts of others.

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Yours in the One Heart,


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Scott June 28, 2012 at 6:58 am

This is one of the most beautiful analogies I have ever heard and so true. A little act of kindness or love can change everything around you just like one monsoon rain. Wow! Beautiful.
Thank You

Asatar Bair June 28, 2012 at 9:21 am

Hi Scott,
Thank you! Living here in the desert, we really see the effect of rain. It’s wonderful that you are so attuned to the effect of the loving energy you are sending out.

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