The Great Mystery

by Asatar Bair on March 12, 2012

We all like a mystery, we like a secret. We search for the secret of life, we go and uncover hidden practices, looking for pieces of wisdom kept out of view.


But what if you go on a quest, search for the truth, and it turns out to be much, much simpler than you thought. We expect the truth to be complex, because our thinking minds love complexity.

Simplicity can be so simple, that you don’t respect it. You’re like, ‘that’s it?’

Not only do we love complexity, we love to look for solutions in objects, people, and situations that are external, thinking that whatever ails us can be found out there somewhere.

So here’s the Great Mystery:

Everything you think is outside you is inside your heart.

Isn’t that a mind-bender? The true substance of your being is so vast that it includes the energy field of all other people, animals, plants, objects, stars, and planets.


As Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “your heart is larger than the universe. If there were ten universes, your heart would contain them all.” When you really take that in, it really re-shapes your idea of who you are.

No doubt this is why the mystics and sages greeted each other by saying ‘O King of Kings, O Emperor of Emperors!’ (or ‘O Queen of Queens, O Empress of Empresses!’)

If you really take in the idea that your heart is so vast, so powerful, so all-encompassing, then remind me what it is you cannot do?

Please share your thoughts with me below.

Yours in the One Heart,


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Curtis March 15, 2012 at 9:20 am

My mind is looking for something tricky to throw upon your idea :) Hmm? Then why is it we get stuck on our problems and it seems to take lots of time to overcome them one at a time. And then after we solve one problem, another comes along to take its place.

And yet, if I sit in silence and accept all that is given to me, I realize that everything is provided for in this one moment. Life truly is coming to me exactly as it needs to for my evolution and expansion.

So maybe the purpose to life is simply to expand our awareness as much as we can while we are here, giving thanks to the Divine for giving us the opportunity to be aware and conscious.

Asatar Bair March 15, 2012 at 9:35 am

Thanks for your comment, Curtis. Often the question contains the answer, as your process of reflection demonstrates.

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