What It Means To Occupy Your Heart

by Asatar Bair on January 20, 2012

I think it’s an amazing sign that the phrase Occupy Your Heart is popping up all over… it’s a surprisingly viral thought, which indicates that it comes from a deeper feeling emerging in the heart of humanity. Here’s a poem that we discovered recently that speaks to what does it mean to occupy your heart.


Occupy your (higher) Self. 100 %.

Occupy your heart.

Occupy the place where everything is connected.

Occupy your own rhythm.

Occupy compassion.

Occupy your creativity.

Occupy whatever is in front of you RIGHT NOW.

Occupy your feelings.

Occupy stillness.

Occupy the truth that you are good enough.

Occupy your physical body.

Occupy uncertainty.

Occupy the space in which you are never alone.

Occupy grace.
Occupy your OWN energy.

Occupy all points of view.

Occupy your intentions.

Occupy what makes You feel most alive.

Occupy your inner knowing.

Occupy a raindrop.

Occupy your dreams.

Occupy acceptance.

Occupy what needs to be said.

Occupy sound and light and color and space.

Occupy a sense of purpose.

Occupy kindness.

(breathe now)

Occupy your breath.

Occupy this inhale.

Occupy this exhale.

(breathe. now.)

Occupy the space you are most afraid to occupy.

Occupy gentleness.

Occupy your relationships.

Occupy the ether and the deep ground.

Occupy your truth.

Occupy change.

Occupy your deepest passion.

Occupy forgiveness.

Occupy the divinity of all living things.

Occupy your word.

Occupy the unknown.

Occupy your readiness to heal.

Occupy silence.

Occupy whatever is downstream.

Occupy tranquility.

Occupy the understanding that there is always enough.

Occupy timelessness.

Occupy your power.

Occupy your seat on the journey Home.

Occupy the mind that recognizes these words.

Occupy the eyes that see this grand vision.

Occupy the ears that hear this possibility.

Occupy the mouth that speaks only light.

Occupy the hands that long to share.

Occupy the You that lives to love.

Occupy this moment.

Occupy gratitude.

Occupy joy.

Occupy your fear and transform it into love.

Occupy. The beat. Of Your. Wild heart.

Occupy NOW.

Occupy your (higher) Self. 100 %.

– Peggy Fitzsimmons

This is the feeling that Susanna Bair is tapping into with the Occupy Your Heart 2012 Tour. I hope you will be part of this amazing journey.

Yours in the One Heart,


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Miriam Lorraine Kemble January 21, 2012 at 5:48 pm

I think Peggy Fitzsimmons is absolutely right – particularly the last line which I’ve learnt through the sheer experience of doing of a lot of work on myself is actually very hard but it sounds tremendously easy.

Indeed, occupying the present moment, the now is the all and quite simply all us humans ever have and as such, we should relish that more than we do!

Good night, from London!

Asatar Bair February 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

Hi Miriam,
Thanks for your comment and for reading the blog!

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